Some Fun Art-Making Activities to inspire and occupy the kids young and old

Activity 2 : Take a line for a walk

Drawing has been an important part of art since the dawn of time - try some of these drawing ideas

Leonard Booth, The Obe Player, 1907, charcoal on paper, Aigantighe Art Gallery Collection 1975.2

  1. Draw something using only your favourite colour
  2. Shade a piece of paper with a pencil and use an eraser to create lines
  3. Draw something without taking your pencil of the page
  4. Draw your portrait using only ten lines
  5. Draw your favourite memory
  6. Draw something with your eyes closed
  7. Draw something in one minute

Activity 3 : Take a look in the mirror

Artists have painted self-portraits filling them with symbols and objects that are important to them for centuries. Take a mirror and draw or paint your self-portrait with object that are important to you.

Activity 4 : A brush with nature

Take a walk around the garden and collect a selection of different sticks, leaves or flowers. Next tape the leaves or flowers to one end of a stick and now try painting with your homemade brush. See how many different patterns and textures you can make with different materials.